29 July, 2021
10 best ways to overcome adversity in life

10 best ways to overcome adversity in life


Without adversity, there can be no heroic journey.

After all, without Voldemort, how satisfying Harry Potter’s adventure would be?

Or, if there is no “one link” (or Sauron, Gullum, etc.), how complicated Frodo Baggins’ life would become?

If there were no Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker, what would happen to Luke Skywalker? (Skill question: Anakin is Luke’s father, so the answer is “nothing.” But you get the idea.)

In addition to death and taxes, another absolute condition of life is that all of us will face problems and dark times. Although the tendency is to challenge the challenges in life, if there is no challenge, will we have wisdom, character or achievement?

Turn pain for the purpose

“Although the world is full of pain, it is also full of ways to overcome.” -Helen Keller

Some people who suffered great suffering and unfair treatment were destroyed. Many people have never learned how to deal with their struggles. Others use food, drugs, alcohol or sex as a form of self-treatment, or use pain as an excuse to harm themselves or others and become victims of tragedies.

It seems to be our nature to complain about difficulties in life. However, through experimentation, we can develop flexible and effective response strategies. By overcoming obstacles and troubles, we can become stronger and better deal with future challenges.

One of the best ways to turn pain into a goal is to understand your “essence”.

Discover your essence

“Spirituality is an aspect of humanity. It refers to the way individuals seek and express meaning and purpose, and the way they experience a connection with the present, to themselves, to others, to nature, to the important or sacred.”-Dr. Christina ·Puchalski (Christina Puchalski)

Your essence is the passion that excites your soul deep inside. It can be said to be your spirit, usually born out of depression or pain.In fact, the Latin root of the word “passion” is itself, Which means “endure” or “endure”.

Your essence is related to something bigger and more important than yourself.

So, what is your nature?

Clear your thoughts and think about the following questions, or record your thoughts and responses to them.

  • Connect with the pain and injustice of the past or present in life. Where do you feel on the body? Where is it hurt?
  • Think about what you really love. What is the connection with your pain?
  • What are you willing to suffer? Write down the things you believe so strongly that you fight for them without worrying about criticism or rejection.
  • Meditate or pray every day and focus on what you are most passionate about.
  • Ask yourself: “Why does my breathing make the world a better place?” If you are unsure, start recording your personal skills, interests and passions, and ask yourself what small steps you can take today to make a difference in the world To create happiness and recovery.
  • Find a passionate person, you respect him, and ask them to guide you.
  • Find someone to guide you. The most effective way to increase your passion for the things you love is to coach others and watch them grow. When they flourish, so will you.

Understanding your own nature can help you better deal with crises. This is another effective strategy for dealing with life challenges.

10 ways to overcome adversity and eliminate obstacles in life

Methods to overcome adversity and obstacles


1. Write it down

Writing down your ideas can make them stand out so that you can view them more reasonably. Take note of any major problems you encounter during the day. Writing in your diary about the challenges you face and possible solutions can help alleviate your worries during the day and make you feel comfortable at night.

2. Don’t hold back

Unless the situation is life-threatening, please do not ignore or avoid any factors that cause problems in life. Just like standing up and bullying others, you must face your fear or worry directly, otherwise it will control you and increase stress and worry. Although there are many ways to solve the problem, sitting on the sidelines is not one of them.

3. Be realistic

Setting goals is not a vague idea of ​​what you want to achieve in an uncertain place in the future. Write down your specific goals in the calendar and review them every day to gradually achieve the goals.

If you set small and manageable goals, success is much easier. Setting realistic goals that you can focus on every day can help reduce stress and significantly improve your outlook on life.

Overcoming obstacles with positive thinking 4. Stop thinking

An important part of mastering automatic negative thoughts (ANT) is to be aware of them when they appear. When negative thoughts start to seep into your mind, imagine a red stop sign and say to yourself: “Stop!” The more you practice, the more you can control your thoughts.

“Your thoughts are really important. Leave it alone, and ANTs will cause infections throughout the system. If you can catch and correct them immediately when they happen, then you can get rid of their control over you.” -Dr. Daniel Amen

5. Stay positive

Although easier said than done, staying active is essential to maintaining physical and mental health.From every day, like “Today will be a beautiful day.”

Such simple sentences may make your brain look for ways to achieve that positive statement. It also establishes a healthy mindset that you can continue throughout the day.

6. Learn to let go

Accept that you cannot control everything. If you hold on tightly, you may put unnecessary pressure on yourself, which will only make your problem worse.

There are many things in the world that you cannot control. Feeling unable to control a worrying or frustrating situation can increase your stress level. Training your brain to think about things that can be controlled, rather than things that cannot be controlled, can relieve anxiety and provide a more optimistic view.

7. Quality connection

Social relationships are extremely important to your overall health and well-being. When you encounter problems, seeking advice from friends or family members may be an important step in helping you overcome obstacles. It is recommended that you be with someone who is optimistic, kind and who proves to be a trusted ally in difficult times.

8. Break down

If the work of accomplishing all the goals at once becomes overwhelmed, establish a hierarchy. Choose some things that you absolutely must accomplish, some things that you want to accomplish, and many things that you will be happy to accomplish. This pyramid structure not only allows you to focus your time and energy on the essentials, but also helps reduce the destructive stress caused by trying to deal with multiple goals at once.

“Without goals and directions, there is not enough effort and courage.” John F. Kennedy

9. Laughed

In addition to making you feel good, laughter can also bring many health benefits, the most important of which is to relieve your tension during difficult times. Another exciting benefit is that laughter releases stress-relieving endorphins into your blood. Laughter is indeed the best medicine…it can relieve stress and help you cope with the challenges in life.

10. Ask for help

Although isolating yourself during difficult times may be the safest option, isolating yourself from the world can make you sad and lonely. Resist the urge to shut out individuals who might provide you with encouragement and support.

It is absolutely necessary to discuss your problem. Connect with friends and family and let them know when you are emotionally overwhelmed. If necessary, seek professional help, but don’t go it alone.

Finally encourage

“Those things that hurt people, please ask.” -Benjamin Franklin

Although few people like it right now, challenges can actually generate long-term benefits in your life. How to deal with these obstacles depends largely on your mentality.

Therefore, no matter where the hero goes, he always looks for a way to turn the roadblock into a stepping stone… This is what Potter, Baggins and Skywalker did.

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