29 July, 2021
Benefits of Being an Early Riser

6 easy ways to become an early riser

What are the benefits of being an early riser?

Have you ever got up so early and found that you really like watching the sunrise and have enough time to start your day? You might even think, “I should do this more frequently”, but it never seems to happen.

Many people wake up every day before dawn. They like to take extra time to exercise, have breakfast and start the day.

These early risers are generally happier, more active, and more productive than late sleepers. Research also shows that people in the morning tend to maintain an optimistic, helpful, satisfied and conscientious character.

Night owl challenge

In contrast, the situation of night owls may be worse. Although they are usually creative and intelligent, they are more likely to have poor eating habits and depression, as well as heart health and blood sugar problems. Moreover, they often lack sleep.

Sleep experts have discovered that both genetics and lifestyle play a role in our circadian rhythm. The time we naturally fall asleep and wake up. Our world is made up of early risers, night owls and people in between.

So, what if you want to change from a night owl to an early riser? Or, what if you need to change your work schedule, or the world schedule is more closely linked to those who rise early?

you can!

In fact, a study found that simple adjustments to night owls’ sleep patterns can significantly improve sleep/wake time, improve morning performance, improve eating habits, and reduce depression and stress.

6 tips on how to be a morning man

The secret to being a morning man The benefits of being an early riser

By simply following the steps below, even lifelong night owls can become early birds.

1. Adjust your wake-up time

Experts recommend that you start with the wake-up time. This provides the added benefit of making you sleepy at night, which means you can go to bed earlier.

Choose a time and set an alarm. Turn off any snooze function (sorry, your new sleep cycle cannot be easily performed). The time you promise is the time you wake up.

First set the alarm clock to 15 minutes early every day until the target time is reached. Stick to this time, even on weekends, until you establish a new routine.

Consistency is the key. The first few days will be difficult, but you will adjust.

2. Plan something special

Motivate yourself to get up early. Maybe you have a favorite breakfast healthy food or a delicious cup of coffee or tea. Maybe you like to read morning news headlines or a spiritual book. Whatever it is, plan some pleasant things to stimulate yourself after getting up in the morning.

The benefits of being an early riser 3. Let the light in

When the alarm sounds, turn on the lights. Open the blinds or curtains in the bedroom to start the day (this has a dual purpose, allowing you to get out of bed.) If it is still dark outside, turn on the lights in the house.

The body’s internal clock draws clues from the light. The level of melatonin, the hormone released by the pineal gland of the brain to make you drowsy, when your eyes perceive light, the level of melatonin will decrease, which can make people more awake.

4. Eat regularly

Align with your meal time. In a study that helps night owls get up early, it is vital that subjects should eat breakfast as soon as possible after waking up, eat lunch at the same time every day, and avoid eating dinner after 7:00 in the evening. Reset their circadian rhythm.

5. Exercise

There is no better time to exercise than in the morning. Exercise will help your brain and body replenish energy by increasing blood circulation. Exercise is related to better memory, concentration and cognitive abilities throughout the day.

Exercising outdoors will help you become more awake. Exposure to the sun in the morning can even help increase melatonin levels at night, thereby improving sleep. There may be additional benefits of sunrise!

6. Power off early

Since you will get up early, you will get sleepy at night. It is important to change your night routine. If possible, increase your regular activities by an hour or more.

To ensure that your body produces melatonin that induces sleep, dim the lights one or two hours before going to bed. Do any digital/online social media, shopping or reading at least an hour before you plan to fall asleep.

Since digital devices and social applications are designed to get you involved, please check to see if your smartphone has a “stop” feature under settings. You can set a period of time when the application cannot be accessed. It really works.

A new way of being

The best way to enhance waking up early will be that you feel different. Imagine having more rest every day, full of energy and preparation for your day. this is possible!

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