29 July, 2021
7 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress & Be More Joyful

7 ways to reduce holiday stress and make the season happier


For many people, holidays represent a happy time of the year. But for others, this is a time of increased stress, which can lead to exhaustion, weight gain, increased debt and… relatives.

It seems that every family has at least one relative who makes plays during the holidays. Consider the “crazy makers” in your family gathering and see if they belong to the following roles:

  • Uncle Jim was intoxicated before 4 pm. He had a cruel and honest conversation with anyone he could meet. He is good at sticking out his nose and inciting arguments.
  • Then there was cousin Lucy. She still has a grudge against Uncle Jim’s rude comments to her last year. Of course, she “secretly” shared this story with every member of the family.
  • What about Grandpa Joe? He sits in the corner of the living room and watches TV all day. Even if he refuses to participate in family games or activities, he still complains that he has been bored.

So, how do you deal with people who grow up by putting others around you in trouble?

If someone in your family likes to stir the pot at a family gathering, you can take some practical steps to make sure the holiday is stress-free…

7 practical ways to prevent crazy makers from ruining the holidays

How to reduce holiday stress and make the season happier

1. Show kindness

When greeting quarreling relatives, find something nice to say. Complimenting their clothes, hairstyle or other accessories may help improve their character. This preemptive gesture of kindness may help set a positive tone for family gatherings.

Kind words generate a positive feedback loop-the person who gives praise often feels as excited as the person who receives it. You will encounter difficulties at the beginning, and get in the habit of praising relatives you hate. Who knows, you may be able to find common ground with them, which is a victory for everyone in the family.

2. Get moving

If you need to take a break during a movie marathon, or just want to eat more fired chicken or ham, please take your family out for fresh air and exercise. Perform brain safety activities or walks. Walking can help you clear your mind, reduce anxiety, improve mood and burn some calories at the same time.

Physical exercise can promote blood flow to the brain. When everyone in the family thinks clearly, better decisions and behaviors should be followed. Physical activity to stimulate the brain is always better than family drama.

3. Avoid alcohol

Many people think that drinking at a holiday party will help everyone settle down, but in fact it can be like impulse fuel and impulse family conflict (especially when the world uncle Jim is drinking). Alcohol stimulates your appetite and prolongs the meal time. Even if you feel full, it is related to continued eating.

Alcohol can have a significant effect on the circulation of the pancreas, thereby increasing insulin production. This can lead to low blood sugar levels, which may negatively affect your decision-making. Drink some low-sugar hot cider instead of alcohol, it will make the house smell amazing and warm up cold hands after outdoor home entertainment.

4. Minimize conflict

Many people can work well under pressure, but not well without pressure. Conflict-seeking behavior can be used as a form of self-treatment to wake up the brain, and some people may be addicted to it.

Resist the urge to participate in discussions that may offend or cause family conflict. Always look for ways to redirect negative emotions or inappropriate conversations. If that doesn’t work, isolate the individual in question from others to prevent them from disrupting the vacation.

5. Eliminate sugar

There is increasing evidence that sugar is toxic. Excessive sugar intake is related to insulin imbalance, heart disease and other organ problems, causing 35 million deaths worldwide each year. If you find it hard to resist a holiday meal, be sure to avoid the dessert table (and make sure that troublesome relatives do the same).

Sugar increases unstable brain cell discharge and is associated with aggression. Low blood sugar is related to lower overall brain activity, which means more cravings and more wrong decisions, such as eating sugary snacks or sodas.

The best way to regulate blood sugar is to eat a healthy snack every 3 to 4 hours. Natural snacks, such as whole fruits, seeds and nuts, are easy to carry and ideal for fighting hunger between meals.

How to be happier during this holiday?Reduce holiday stress 6. I’m sorry

Maybe there is something in our DNA that makes us always hope that we are right, but it is difficult for many people to say sorry. Even if you feel wronged, feel sorry for your opposing relative.

An apology can help you build a bridge of interpersonal relationships, and the other person may appreciate your proactive measures to resolve differences. Finally, it is better to apologize than to blame and paralyze the table.

7. Attention

In our “maintain first” society, our focus is often on ourselves rather than others. Try to pay more attention to the people around you. If they have a need, try to meet it.

Force yourself to stay focused in every conversation. Be an active listener and make eye contact with the person you are talking to. Chances are, they will thank you for taking the time to listen to their opinions, which in turn will make you thank you for participating in meaningful conversations.

Implementing these positive strategies can protect you and your family from madness, allowing you to spend a fun-filled, worry-free holiday.

The BrainMD team wishes you and you a safe, healthy and happy holiday!

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