29 July, 2021
8 Best Ways to Keep Your Brain Fit

8 best ways to keep your brain healthy


As the executive control center of the entire body, and the supervisor of every thought, emotion, memory and action, your brain enables you you.

This is why you must do everything you can to take care of your brain.

How healthy is your brain?

Many people do not realize that the brain is like a muscle. In fact, keeping your brain healthy is a great way to support your cognition and memory throughout your life.

After graduating from college or retiring, cognitive ability tends to decline, so don’t stop challenging the brain every day. No matter how old you are, mental exercise can have a positive effect on your brain.

If you want to improve the health of your brain, you can use the following 8 natural methods to maximize your physical and mental health…

8 healthy ways to stay active and keep your brain healthy

8 ways how to train your brain to keep your brain healthy

1. Protect your brain

Although protecting your scalp should be easy, remember some practical brain safety tips that can reduce the risk of head injury, which is very helpful for you. These measures include avoiding high-risk sports to avoid hitting your head; remember to wear a seat belt when riding in a car; and always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard, snowboard, snowboard or roller skates.

2. Play brain games

Brain games are great for cognition-especially for the elderly. Spending only 15 minutes a day in crosswords, memory games, chess, sudoku and jigsaw puzzles can improve concentration. They can also improve memory!

3. Listen to a soothing tone

Listening to music can increase feelings of pleasure, improve mood, increase energy, increase dopamine levels, and help focus. When you have a happy tune in your head, it is easier to maintain a relaxed attitude. Listening to brain-enhancing music, these music is specifically used to enhance emotions, gratitude, motivation and inspiration.

4. Avoid harmful food

Proper nutrition is essential for peak brain function. Unfortunately, the standard American diet is full of toxic foods. These foods increase your risk of physical problems and concentration, mood, and memory.

Many of these unhealthy foods are:

  • Highly processed
  • Pro-inflammatory
  • Spray pesticide
  • Artificial color and sugar
  • High blood sugar
  • Low fiber
  • Hormones
  • Contaminated with antibiotics

Be sure to choose a healthy diet to replace these harmful foods, which include lean protein, high fiber and healthy fats. In addition, it is recommended that you eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Keep your brain healthy

5. Learn new knowledge

Brain researchers emphasize that the principle of “use it or lose it” applies to the brain. When the brain stops learning, it may start to fade, so learn new things deliberately.

Spend some time every day to learn new knowledge. Take classes, learn a new language or musical instrument, or try square dance, chess, Tai Chi, yoga or sculpture. Einstein said that if someone spends 15 minutes a day learning new knowledge, they will become an expert within a year!

6. Rejuvenate the body through exercise

Aerobic exercise is enough to make you sweat for 30 minutes, which increases blood flow to the brain, muscles and other tissues. This helps deliver nutrients and remove waste. It can even increase the growth factor BDNF that promotes the improvement of brain function.

Physical exercise can also improve mood and outlook on life. Walking can help you clear your mind, improve your mood, and burn some calories at the same time.

7. Rest assured

Make time for yourself every day. Rest, relaxation and meditation can bring benefits to your physical and mental health. It only takes 15 minutes without being distracted and may refresh your mind.

A clear mind and slow breathing help restore inner peace. Repeating simple words such as “Can I be safe?” can increase positive emotions and reduce negative emotions. Love meditation can help reduce stress and improve your overall outlook on life.

8. Get nutritional support

One of the best ways to optimize health is to use brain-directed supplements. The basis of each supplement therapy should be ultra-pure, clinically proven vitamins and nutrients that can help improve energy, concentration and memory. At BrainMD, we are honored to recommend…

Maximum brain and body strength

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This all-in-one replenishment system provides a portable pouch for your wallet or pocket, allowing you to stay healthy anytime, anywhere.

Each package of “maximum mental and physical strength” contains:

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These practical and natural technologies can help you keep your brain healthy and maximize your life!

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