29 July, 2021
How to Work from Home With a Toddler During COVID

Parenting Tips: How to successfully work at home with young children


Although many adults without children lead a busy life, adults with children among us may feel more stressed than ever, overwhelmed, and strive to be careful parents while taking into account work requirements.

Even if you are lucky enough to have access to daycare, nanny or grandparents, these tips can still help you manage your time better while working throughout the day. The nap time is also the time when most work is done.

If 2020 teaches me anything, it is that I need to adapt to the needs of my children every day, no matter how young my parents are, I have to have more grace for myself and celebrate my achievements more. With this in mind, here are some important tips on how to take my kids to work from home:

5 tips for working at home with young children

Tips for working from home with children


1. Find the best morning routine

Most parents have heard that children will grow up with a certain structure or routine. Well, so do adults.

Even with a simple morning routine like waking up at the same time every morning, you can start your day by making your bed, taking a shower, eating a healthy breakfast, and checking emails without spending a lot of brainpower. So, add one or two children and you will know that the morning can be very messy and chaotic.

My advice is to wake up before the children. Make time for your daily work, prepare yourself, exercise or quickly start a work project, so that you feel that you have done something before your child wakes up. Then, take a break to help them spend the morning and make them feel happy and ready to go for the day.

2. Set the timer

When dealing with many daily tasks, time management sounds a bit cliché, but it works! Whether you need to focus on work, family or housework, managing time is an extremely important skill to master. Using the timer throughout the day can help you focus on one thing at a time, and can allow you to adapt to situations you have never seen before.

Set timers for tasks you know you need to complete that day. Turn on the “Do Not Disturb” mode of your phone and avoid receiving work emails until you have completed the task at hand.

So, how do you bring a child at home?

Set a timer for most of the day so you can give your child 100% attention. Whether it’s playing with toys, eating together, reading a book or taking a walk outside.

By setting a timer, it allows you to be present and avoid other distractions. Even if you just take a 10-minute break from get off work and take your child’s mail, they will notice and appreciate that you will not do a million things immediately.

Set a 5-minute timer to clean up toys or clean up dishes. Involve your children in daily work so they can learn these important skills. It only takes 5 minutes to clean up quickly and you will be surprised how clean your house looks.

Set a timer for screen time. Although I personally know that while trying to get a child to complete work on the screen, I must also try to keep his child busy with the screen, but it is important to limit young people’s screen time. Here, someone who truly deserves your trust can help you become a working parent and help take care of your children.

Tips for working from home with a baby or walker 3. Embrace flexibility

If I had to do work-related things every time and had to switch to “mother mode” quickly, I would be rich. As a new mother, this is difficult for me. Now, with a toddler, I will embrace it.

I have accepted and admitted that I wear many hats and need to be flexible when working from home. Not only that, but fortunately, my employer allows a certain degree of flexibility. This is the key. I think many companies are learning that if certain tasks are completed outside the normal 9 am to 5 pm, employees can still be successful and productive.

I also have to learn to be more flexible when it comes to setting expectations. No one can fully work on the computer for 8 hours while maintaining a tidy home, busy and happy children, preparing meals and taking care of themselves. In the first few months after maternity leave, I felt pressured to keep this impossible pace.

However, this is unrealistic…some things can and will get stuck. Just simply prioritize which things are irrelevant and which things are not negotiable every day.

4. Assess your space

Separating your work space from the rest of your home is definitely ideal. This can help you get into work mode, help you focus on meetings or phone calls, and reduce interference. If possible, find a personal workspace in your house that can inspire you.

Another space in your home that needs to be evaluated is the child’s play space. I learned early on that if my daughter just puts it in a big box or trash can, her daughter will quickly get bored with her toys. It is difficult for her to see what she has, and because of too many toys, she cannot play alone for a long time.

Instead of letting toys replace the play space, just pick a few toys to play for a few days. Cycling toys are a good way to keep children interested in toys and play. It is best to see toys on small bookshelves or other places where you can see and pull out the toys yourself.

5. The right to end the day

I am proud of what I have achieved in work and childcare. Confirm your efforts every day and focus on the things you can go beyond the list. When you need to end the working day, try to unplug the power supply. Spend some time for yourself or your family.

Is there anything on your work list that day? I just want to plan to wake up earlier the next day to finish it. Try to separate your work and life at night and enjoy a leisurely time.

Hope these tips will inspire you to make some small changes that may have a major impact on your career and parenting success. It is very beneficial to have a sense of accomplishment every day and to spend quality time with your children.

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