29 July, 2021
The main health benefits of playing tennis and other racket sports

The main health benefits of playing tennis and other racket sports


Spring has sprung up like bamboo shoots after rain!

Now, days are getting longer and the temperature is getting higher and higher, and many people are going outdoors to improve their physical fitness.

Physical exercise is important for everyone, especially for those who have been sedentary in the cold and dark winter. Whether you like hiking, biking, horseback riding or walking, outdoor activities have an overall positive effect on vitality.

One popular and convenient activity you might consider is tennis.

Tennis basics

Tennis is classified as a squash sport, which can be competitive or recreational. Played by two people (singles) or four people (doubles).

Tennis is a great way to maintain agility, fitness and strength. This is also an excellent aerobic exercise that can develop athletic ability and excellent hand-eye coordination.

The health benefits of tennis

The health benefits of tennis and racket sportsTennis has a wide range of health benefits:

  • Provide aerobic exercise
  • Burn body fat
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Promote healthy blood pressure and resting heart rate
  • Enhance metabolic function
  • Shorten reaction time

In addition to the physical benefits, tennis has many other advantages. Although tennis may be a physically demanding sport, it is considered a non-impact sport.

Tennis may be a great way to meet new people or spend more time with friends or family. This can be an enjoyable hobby that can help relieve stress.

It is also a versatile sport suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Tennis considerations

If you have ever watched tennis live or on TV, then you know that this sport requires endurance and excellent agility. This may not be the right exercise for those who are quick to gain the upper hand or have limited mobility.

This sport may also bring other physical problems, the most famous being “tennis elbow”. This condition may be caused by excessive play or repeated exercise, involving irritation or swelling of the elbow tendons. Although the name specifically refers to the elbow, the player may also feel pain in the forearm or wrist.

Tennis players may feel pain in their knees or back. They may feel sore in any number of muscle groups. In addition, they may feel joint pain.

The right technique may help reduce the possibility of injury, so if you are just starting the sport, it may be a good idea to work with a tennis coach or experienced athlete. Also, if you have any previous injuries, please consider consulting a physical therapist or sports medicine specialist before going to court.

Tennis skills

Although many people forget or skip this step, it is very important to warm up before starting volleyball or the game. Stretching helps prevent sub, tugging or other muscle pain. After the cooling phase of exercise, releasing or breaking down muscles is especially important because it prevents the accumulation of lactic acid and metabolites, which can cause muscle cramps, cramps, and soreness.

In addition, staying hydrated is also crucial, especially when playing outdoors in warm weather. Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise to help prevent muscle cramps and lubricate joints. Staying hydrated can make your muscles work longer and harder before fatigue, which will help you build muscles.

Even if you don’t play tennis, it’s important to keep your body healthy. Exercise (especially weight training) can help you keep your muscles strong and reduce the possibility of serious injury.

One of the most important skills of tennis is to pay attention to pain. If you feel pain, please wait until the pain recovers before continuing the game, and pay close attention to the situation to prevent the pain from recurring. You can also switch to less restrictive activities until you feel strong enough to resume playing tennis.

Although tennis can be a great sport and can bring a lot of fun, it is important not to overdo it!

Other racket sports

If tennis sounds a bit too dense, then you can consider one of the following racket sports…


Badminton is a racket sport like tennis, and its physical requirements are not as good as tennis. Badminton can be played in singles or doubles, and requires a certain degree of agility and good hand-eye coordination.

Although you may get injured while running or sprinting, a lightweight racket may not cause the same level of pain as tennis elbow. Similarly, hitting with the a ball (rather than with the tennis bean) is unlikely to cause serious injury.


Table tennis is a coordinated sport. It involves the cerebellum, which is part of the brain that helps coordinate muscle activity. Although the cerebellum only accounts for 10% of the total brain volume, the cerebellum contains approximately 50% of the brain’s neurons and participates in the coordination of the body and the mind.

In addition to providing exercise, enhancing coordination and stimulating the brain, playing table tennis can also spend happy time with family and friends. Dr. Daniel Amen called table tennis the best brain sport in the world.

Other racket sports include squash, squash and kimchi ball.

But wait, there is more…

The health benefits of racket sports

This is another reason to participate in racket sports. A 2016 study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine tracked more than 80,000 adults. The study found that those who participated in tennis, table tennis, squash and other racket sports had the lowest risk of death in the last decade of the study.

Nutritional support

Any exercise or physical exercise requires energy. In order to achieve the best condition, you need enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

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Ball in your court

The overall goal is to do at least 30 minutes of some form of physical exercise every day. Performing coordinated activities such as tennis can improve your balance, processing speed, concentration and energy. It can also help you burn calories and enjoy yourself.

Try adding tennis or other racket sports to your weekly exercise program!

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