29 July, 2021
This is the way to use GABA to restore inner peace

This is the way to use GABA to restore inner peace


These days, it seems that everyone is worried or on the edge.

How is your pressure?

Do you feel that you are being pushed to the limit? Maybe you have a headache, muscle tension or sleep problems.

These may increase the stress in your life.

Stress problem

Stress is common in our society.

A recent report by the American Psychological Association found that 84% of the people surveyed were under high pressure.

In addition, almost half of people reported emotional problems, weight changes and sleep problems-these conditions are usually emotionally overwhelmed.

Stress occurs when a person feels an excessive demand for his or her emotional or physical resources. It usually represents a response to external forces-work deadlines, quarrels with spouses or fender benders.

Once the situation is resolved, the tension will subside and you may feel that you can begin to relax.

However, in some cases, stress is ruthless and can lead to excessive stress. This can lead to feelings of despair or loss of control.

So, how to tell if you are just feeling the impact of daily stress, or if you are struggling with a serious stress problem?

Good pressure/bad pressure

A little pressure is actually a good thing, because it can motivate you to achieve your goals. Low levels of stress can also help you increase resilience, solve problems and adapt to daily challenges.

When you stay at a high level for a long time, stress will become unhealthy. At that time, stress may cause physical and mental harm and damage your health. Too much pressure can:

  • Fear, anxiety, worry, unreasonable excitement and avoidance
  • Decrease overall brain function
  • Cause hormonal imbalance
  • Lead to improper diet, which may lead to weight gain
  • Increase susceptibility to physical diseases

Fight or flee

Excessive stress puts you in a fighting or flying state. This can damage the body system and increase the likelihood of serious health problems.

For example, excessive circulation of the stress hormone cortisol in the body can interfere with healthy immune function and negatively affect the cardiovascular system, brain and other organs.

Unfortunately, when people’s lives are too stressful, they often turn to unhealthy ways to cope with life. For example, using alcohol, recreational drugs or other unproven drugs, or eating too much comfort food can make people feel better. However, in the long run, these options ultimately do more harm than good.

The good news is that you can develop some healthy habits to deal with the stressors in your life. Learn to increase inner peace through these stress-relieving techniques.

5 ways to use GABA to relieve stress and restore inner calm

Calming supplements with GABA | Doctor of Brain Medicine

1. Keep exercising

Regular exercise can reduce stress hormones and help you become more resistant over time. Aerobic exercise is particularly beneficial, enough to increase your heart rate for 20 to 30 minutes.

When you increase your heart rate through exercise, it will increase the brain’s own natural morphine beta-endorphin, thereby enhancing your mood. It can also increase the brain growth factor called BDNF, which contributes to the maintenance of a healthy brain.

The effect of exercise in reducing stress has been fully proven. Try a new sport or dance. Go for a run, walk or ride a bicycle.

It is a good idea to change activities frequently and exercise for 30 minutes a day for at least 30 days a day. enjoy!

2. Breathing

By using relaxation techniques, you can better control your stress and worry about ruining your health and well-being.

Deep breathing is an effective therapy that can be performed anytime, anywhere! Take a deep breath and let your mind and body begin to relax.

A simple exercise to reduce stress will last 8 seconds. Hold for 8 seconds; breathe for 8 seconds, then press and hold for 8 seconds. Repeat 4 times.

try it. You should feel different right away.

How to keep calm with friends GABA supplements to help you calm down

3. Firm connection

Never underestimate the importance of being with the right people. The health habits of the people you spend time with can have a significant impact on your own health and habits. Therefore, be with happy, optimistic and friendly people.

Building and maintaining a healthy relationship may help you feel understood and cared for. When you participate in other activities, you may find that your views have changed.

When you take care of others and feel cared for, your brain releases oxytocin (a “binding” hormone), which can counteract the negative effects of certain stress.

4. Happy place

Meditation is a very effective way to soothe your body and mind and help you build a deep state of relaxation. It can stimulate the brain by increasing blood flow to areas that attract attention and thoughtfulness, while calming down areas that produce frustration and internal turmoil. A clear mind and slow breathing can help restore inner peace.

Choose a haven-a place where you feel comfortable and can be imagined with all your senses. If it is a beach, imagine the ocean and feel the sand between your toes and the warm sun on your skin. Your safe haven can be any real or fictional place where you want to spend your time.

It takes at least 20 minutes a day to carry out this refueling, life-changing exercise. You will be surprised by the results.

5. Calming supplements

The neurotransmitter most related to the calming effect of the brain is GABA (technically known as gamma-aminobutyric acid).

The easy way to ensure you get a lot of GABA is through supplementation. Clinical trials have shown that oral intake of pure (chemically pure) GABA can relieve stress, improve mood and mental acuity, and usually has a calming effect. The blood-brain barrier has transport proteins that move GABA into and out of the brain tissue, to and from the blood vessels that carry blood to the brain.

If you suffer from anxiety or negative thoughts, or have difficulty getting into a relaxed state before going to bed, you can consider taking a high-quality GABA supplement.

Calm your mind with GABA supplements

GABA Calming Support is a unique combination of clinically proven ingredients that can help you deal with restlessness, restlessness, and other challenges related to occasional anxiety. It can help promote calm brain waves, correct nutritional deficiencies that cause stress, and promote relaxation.

GABA calming support can calm your racing thoughts and help you prepare for sleep. It does not cause drowsiness, so it is safe to take it during the day.

This soothing formula includes:

GABA Calming Supplement | Doctor of Brain MedicineGaba -Is the main body’s calming neurotransmitter. By slowing down the rate of excessive discharge of neurons, it supports the body’s natural mechanism to quiet the brain and gradually fall asleep.

L-Theanine – L-theanine acts mainly through GABA receptors on nerve cells. It is an amino acid that has calming and relaxing effects, while maintaining concentration and improving sleep quality.

Lemon lipstick (Melissa) – A member of the peppermint family has been used as a herbal medicine for more than 2000 years. Lemon balm helps relieve stress and anxiety. This may be by increasing the activity of GABA in the brain and the activity of acetylcholine (a major neurotransmitter). Achieved. focused.

magnesium -Magnesium is sometimes referred to as a relaxing mineral, which plays an important role in relaxing the mind and body, calming the racing mind and promoting overall sleep quality. Studies have shown that vitamin B6 can enhance the sedative effect of magnesium.

Vitamin B6 -The brain enzyme that produces the neurotransmitter serotonin requires vitamin B6, which promotes relaxation and enhances mood. This supplement provides B6 as Pyridoxal and Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate, which is the easiest form to use.

GABA Calming Support can strengthen GABA to help relax your brain waves and help you with anxiety and fearful thoughts. As a gentle natural sleep aid, it has helped countless people transform from a restless and awake state to a peaceful sleep state.

It can also help you!

Try GABA calming support now, so you can relax and get ready for sleep tonight!

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