29 July, 2021
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Winter outfits ideas for women 2021

Metallics are back this season, but in a more subdued way. Instead of the light gold and silver of past seasons, everything this winter revolves around bronze, pewter, gunmetal silver and dark gold tones. Mix it up with different textures and intensities of metal to add extra interest to your outfit.

Try adding a metal bag or shoes to your everyday look. They are guaranteed to give your outfit a touch of pizzazz on gray days. Wear a metallic coat or strappy heels with your little black dress for a dramatic evening look. However you incorporate metallic tones into your wardrobe, you are sure to attract everyone’s attention.

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Tights and leggings are the ultimate winter accessory. You can instantly add a touch of color or texture to an otherwise mundane outfit. Not to mention the fact that they are the most effective way to stretch your summer and autumn skirts and dresses into the winter months.

This winter everything revolves around black leggings, black or nude-colored fishnet stockings or patterned tights in classic colors such as black, navy or cranberry. If you really want to pop, wear turquoise tights with a black dress and shoes and you will be with all of Hollywood’s fashionistas. Invest in a variety of colors and textures and get your legs out there, girls!


To wear the cowboy boots this season or not to wear the cowboy boots. They were all the rage last winter, but 80s-style boots are in high demand this season. Combine ankle boots with skirts, dresses or skinny jeans for the ultimate 80s chic look. Slouch boots can replace your cowboy boots as they have low heels and look great with any skirt or dress or your jeans tucked into them. Boots are a great way to update your look without replacing your entire wardrobe.

Don’t let the gray days get you down. Whether you’re adding metallic clothes and accessories, funky tights, or a new pair of boots to your wardrobe, make sure to add something trendy to your closet this winter.

Mini skirts are a must, everyone likes to wear them! But sometimes you worry that they can’t be stylish in winter which is a lie! Mini skirts are always in, with or without tights or in winter or summer.

And where there’s winter somewhere, it’s summer somewhere else, so don’t compromise your style due to the seasons. Wearing a mini skirt is easy, but do you rock it? This takes some skill, so here are eight ways to dress a miniskirt for the colder months.

1. Blazer and skirt

My first classic look is a mini skirt and blazer. This looks super classy and is a great way to style a mini skirt in the colder months of the year. And when it gets really cold, you can add black matte tights that won’t spoil the look and just add that extra oomph.

All I can say is if you’re a classy girl wear a nice pair of heels, but if can’t be asked, a good pair of boot heels or knee high boots will do. Remember not to take the blazer away so don’t overdo the shoe.

2. Knee-high boots and a skirt

Who doesn’t love a good mini skirt in the colder months of the year? But let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a mini skirt with knee-high boots? This is a hot, sexy AF look that we should all start with. It’s a great way to style a mini skirt in winter because it not only covers you more, it looks great while doing it.

Remember, a nice patterned skirt with knee high boots looks super fashionable, but even if you go for solid color, so all black or all gray, it’s still a fashionista outfit, so get out there and rock it!

3. Mini skirt and sweater

Cold means sweater season and I’m serious. This is the best time to wear a nice sweater or knit sweater, they look super stylish and it’s just a great look. But it looks even better with a high-waisted mini skirt. It’s super cute and looks so assembled. A high collar sweater is also a great choice for winter time and it looks really great.

My big tip is to style the sweater to match the color of the skirt. Put on a belt and pull the waist tight, you will look amazing.

4. Leather

Leather! Let’s just record it. Leather looks so great on everyone. Remember, it doesn’t have to be real leather if you don’t like it and you can style it however you want! Regardless, not only do you look hot as hell, leather is just that kind of look. It’s stylish, it can be put on or taken off, and you can style the skirt according to your own style.

If you’re a classic guy, an A-line leather skirt is your best friend. If you’re flirtatious then a skater girl leather skirt is just divine for you! Hunny, it’s all in your hands so take the time to choose what you think suits you best. Leather skirts can be an investment so make sure you feel confident and will wear them.

5. Mini skirt and tights

Right, it’s winter so this is a must see. Mini skirts and tights. It’s super controversial, some love it and some hate it, but let’s just say those who hate it are not okay. Mini skirts can and ARE a must for the colder months of the year, they look so cute and cute with tights, and you can style them with pattern tights, brightly colored tights, fishnet stockings and so on. They look amazing so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Also with a pair of boots? They often look great.

6. Pattern mini skirt

Patterned mini skirts are where it’s at. It’s so easy to dress differently and outside of the box without being too much. A beautiful leopard, or a checkered or even floral pattern, it all looks so cute. They can be dressed with a nice elegant shirt and heels or you can dress it up with a nice pair of Converse and a crop top, it’s up to personal preference.

Regardless of your choice for more or less elegant, you will still look stunning.

7. Jeans mini

Denim is a current moment. But denim mini skirts? They are just so cute and go with any season. Denim with or without tights; It doesn’t matter, it looks great both ways. And you can wear a crop top or shirt for a warmer day or a nice chunky sweater for the colder seasons.

8. Mini sporty

Mini skirts can be worn more sportily. A denim skirt paired with coarse oversize sweaters or jackets, sneakers and an athletic top not only looks sportier, it also looks great. This is such an easy way to wear a skirt for everyday, “put together” without feeling super elegant. I love this look, it’s such a great way to style a mini skirt. Sometimes the name mini skirt makes you think you can’t wear it anytime you want, but that’s not true.

Mini skirts are cute and can be worn whenever you want!


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